Welcome to rare groove web store.

"rare groove records" opened in Osaka's America-mura(American village) in Dec 2007.
We have a wide selection of all musical styles and cater primarily to DJs.
You can listen to all of the records of inside the shop.
We can contact you in English.
Please come to "rare groove records" when you visit to Osaka.


International shipping available!

Please ask by E-mail if you have any questions.
Condition of records are graded by the following grading system:
About Condition


DHL (With tracking number, about 3-8 days)

North America 2700jpy (up to 1.99kg)
South America 4500jpy (up to 1.99kg)
Europe (Except some few countries) 2700jpy (up to 1.99kg)
East Europe 4500jpy (up to 1.99kg)
Oceania 2700jpy (up to 1.99kg)
Asia 2200jpy (up to 1.99kg)
Southeast Asia 2700jpy (up to 1.99kg)
Africa & Middle East 5000jpy (up to 1.99kg)

*5 records and packaging weighs roughly 1.8kg.
Orders of 6 or more records will be 2kg or more, please contact us for shipping costs.

There is a remote delivery fee for delivery to some areas.
This is an additional 3000jpy charge.
■You can check it out here.■
DHL remote area list 2020


【Payment Information】

Accept Only Paypal.
no insurance. about A week(with registered +410jpy) Limit 5 records
SAL 240jpy no insurance. about 2 weeks (with registered +410jpy)
*Each additional 100 jpy

【How To Order】

Please send your order by E-mail here info@raregroove.jp(Please write about shipping method request in comment)

・Order items
・Your Name
  Street Address, P.O.Box, Company Name, C/O
  Apartment, Suite, Unit, Building, Floor, etc.
  State/Province/Region, City
  Zip/Postal Code

The price doesn't include consumption tax.
Tax will be added to the price.(10%)
We'll reply soon about stock and the total cost included the tax(10%) and postage.